Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Organized

My mom is an organizing genius.  She arrived at my house when I felt like I could not unpack one more box.  Her energy helped me get going again.  We took many trips to Ikea (one of my favorite things about living here...only 15 minutes away!).  And I listened to lots of advice.

 One of her great ideas for the girl's room was to put the books on shelves in the corner.  We were able to save so much space that way!

She turned my linen closet into the most amazing storage area.  Each tub is labeled and easy to find.  You can see the bottom shelf is bowed a little (one of the fun things about living in a rental!).  

I have never had a very good system for bills, receipts, coupons, and other excess junk that tends to gather as you enter the door.  I love my new filing system that she suggested.  It is easy to toss in and easy to find when needed.

I wish this picture were a little better - but one of that greatest areas she created was a pantry for me.  This is a small coat closet right next to the kitchen.  She stacked cubes to the left and made a ton of space for pantry foods.  She put hooks off to the right for purses, bags, and the broom.  And above, there is more storage.  My little galley kitchen seemed much more doable!

I cannot thank God for a great mom and a well organized house.  Let's try to keep it that way!

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cranny + b said...

everything looks so wonderful! I noticed the bookshelves right away--what a great way to arrange.

so thankful for moms!