Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, last year about 15 minutes ago, our Brynnie came into the world. It is amazing to think that the time has gone so quickly. I know that is kind of cliche to say, since everyone says that about children, but as a parent I am quickly realizing how true that is. It is a scary thought as I consider how intentional I desire to be in parenting and yet a year slips by, and I know I have not always done the job I want. However, I am extremely thankful for the sweetness of being a mom to my darling girl and thank God for His wonderful gift. I have loved cuddling her, watching her grow, walking in every morning to her sweet happy face, hearing new little words pop out all the time, learning about myself, growing in my relationship with Rob, having a perpetual playmate, laughing at so many random things, caring about someone so much you can hardly believe it.....and so much more. Happy one year Brynne - you have brought so much joy into our lives!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who has the number one daddy?

I see that hand! We love you daddy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pure Joy

Panera Bagels
a Day off work
a drink from the Coffee Shoppe and a walk in Olde Towne
Watching my daughter swing with giddy delight
lunch with my honey
a trip to the Beach

maybe 28 is not so bad after all

Thank you God for the gift of life and the joy you bring

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calling all gardeners or people who like to give their opinion

I'm feeling like I need some ideas for my "side of the house" garden. The hard part is that I can't even put my finger on what is bugging me....I just don't love it. I don't want to get rid of or move the roses cause they love their home. But I'm open to any other ideas. If you can't tell - all the way to the left is a gardenia bush, then my green filler plants are hostas and sedum . Do I need more height variety - more color???....would love to hear.
Oh...and had to share with everyone how early Brynnie has learned to get into dad's wallet. Not even a year old and she already wants the plastic. Oh dear... :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Poor Baby

Well...I know these pics don't match the name of this post - but I couldn't get a pic of her in the situation I will be describing. Since my sweet girl has mastered crawling she is loving life - getting around like a pro and into everything. That has been great - because she was getting a little annoyed at being stuck wherever I put her. However, my girl that used take awesome naps has hit a snag. Now that she can get herself up - she plays for a while when I put her down. The issue is that she can't figure out how to lie back down. It is so sad. We have found her sitting in the corner of her crib...with a droopy head, almost asleep. Lately her position of choice is to sleep in a sitting position with her blanket between her legs and her head on the blanket. It looks so uncomfortable!!! I'm dying to go in and turn her over - but inevitably she wakes up and I know she needs to figure this one out on her own. I guess I should be used to her going through new phases, but I get so settled into one - that I forget a new one is coming before I will realize it. I'm praying this one is short!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I camped....I'm a camper

In case you haven't seen "What about Bob"....that line is from him. Only he says "I sailed, I'm a sailor"...Rob and I love that line. If you haven't seen it - it's a total waste of time, but hilarious :)

Anyways - I had my first camping experience last weekend on our anniversary trip and it was awesome. We traveled to the Shenandoah National Park and it was amazing. We relaxed, hiked, met up with many forest creatures (deer, rabbits, snails, butterflies, birds, some fuzzy tailed animal we never got full look at, and many more!), ate food cooked on a campfire, even had Starbucks coffee from the camp store.

Enjoying God's creation like that is incredible! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Any other campers out there?