Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What's New...

Life is speeding on for us as a usual semester. Rob is almost finished with his last full-time semester of school!!! Next year we are planning for him to take one class in the fall and one in the spring and then for him to graduate in May, 2009 if the Lord allows. We are not sure of all that comes after that, but look forward to whatever doors will open.

Recently we have enjoyed a trip to Williamsburg...

This is The Williamsburg Sampler - Bed and Breakfast. It was a lot of fun If you've never tried a bed and breakfast....we highly recommend it!

This week is my spring break and my brother-in-law, Johnny (my sister's husband) is in town making plans to move here in May. My brother will also be moving here at the same time for seminary. We will be one big happy family. We're pretty excited about that.

In other news...Rob and I are working towards running a 10k at the end of April on the Chesapeake Bay. If anyone wants to join us - let us know!

Lastly, I have been enjoying the book Future Grace by John Piper and just wanted to share an encouraging thought....Piper makes a point about "the logic of heaven" based on Romans 8...."He who did not spare his own son, how will he not also with him freely (graciously) give us all things." Piper talks about how awesome it is that according to "heavenly logic" God has already done the "hardest" thing on our behalf....sacrificing His son Jesus Christ. So, how can we doubt that he will do all good things on our behalf from now on? The catch is...sometimes God knows something is good for us and we don't agree. But how sweet to be promised that as God's children, He is graciously giving us all things that are good for us! I love this thought.