Thursday, March 10, 2011

And how about you...

I'm not sure if I just get excited about every new season or what. I don't feel like spring is my favorite season, but right now it just seems like it is. With the weather warming up a little and buds popping out everywhere I get so excited! I found these branches on an obliging curb. Don't worry...they were already cut by the owner :) I wasn't sure if they would blossom when I put them in water, but they did. They are so pretty now! Do you think every season is your favorite when it is starting?
Well, here is my little almost 21 month sweetie in a dress she recently received from Nana. I just couldn't stand how cute she was. I find myself more crazy about her every day. I find myself thinking...can I really love another one this much? Does your love just grow exponentially?

Bear has become a distinct part of our family. It is so funny to me sometimes. The other morning I heard Brynne saying "I love you, Bear" before I got her up. We have regular chats in the car about how we left Bear at home but we will see him soon. Brynne has said for a long time "obey God, obey daddy, obey mommy". Lately she adds "obey Bear". She kind of does it with a smirk now, since I have corrected her so many times. Most meals Brynne asks for him to come sit with her while she is eating. I can't say no. Sometimes I feel pretty silly running to get him and set him up at the table. Do you do anything crazy for your kids?
We recently discovered a wildlife preserve about 10 minutes from our house. It is the most beautiful little spot. It really makes you feel like you are not in the city for a while. It's funny to me, because we have lived here for 5 years now and just found it. There is something so refreshing to me when we can get out and enjoy nature for a while. Do you find that too? (especially if you live in a city)

In other news I will be 12 weeks on Monday. I must confess that these last few weeks have been pretty unpleasant at times. I am reminded of what a blessing it is to feel energetic and love food. I'm also reminded that I have a pretty wonderful and accommodating daughter and husband. Lots to be thankful for!