Friday, August 27, 2010

Crazy Lady

Well, it's been far too long since I posted about my girlie - what a bad mom, huh? At almost 14 months, she really is a crazy lady. We have lots of little fun names for her, but that is one that is pulled out quite often.

I had to snap a picture of her playing in Rob's guitar case the other day

Now that she can climb up onto the couch, it is one of her favorite places to be. She likes to crawl to the end, hold onto the arm rest, and then drop back onto her bottom. I guess she loves it because it's a cushy landing??!
I love that her hair is still curling at the ends, but it does some crazy
things when she's sleeping. This morning "do" cracked me up!
My funniest (and scariest) picture. You can kind of see the determined look on her face. My girl is a crazy, ocd, organizer! How can this be - even at one year old? She loves loves loves to pull things out and put them back. I think this particular day she just kept pulling all the books out and then putting them all back in the box. She also loves my makeup bag, grocery store fliers, my tub of plastic kitchen containers...and is very serious about where everything goes. I really do love to see her little personality coming out already!
This stage is a blast. It's great to see her gradually working on words and putting communication together. Her most-used words are "hi" and "goggie" (doggie). But my favorite is "boppy" which means bath or blankie. Her two signs are "please" and "thank you". I think please happened because of her love for food and realization that she gets it with "please" (most of the time). "Thank you" makes me totally laugh, because instead of bringing her hand to her mouth usually she just smacks her face or head wherever and figures that's good enough. Of course, there are hard things - the tantrums not being the least. I was reminded today of God's patience with me as my Father. I have little patience even with my sweet girl, yet my heavenly Father loves and takes care of me every day - even when I fail over and over. I think one of my favorite things about being a parent is seeing in so many beautiful ways what a wonderful God we have.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Latest Read...over half-way

My latest read was Stop Dating the Church: Fall in Love with the Family of God by Joshua Harris. Most people know him for I Kissed Dating Goodbye. It is not a very long book, and I would recommend it. I think my view of the church personally has been undergoing a lot of “renovation” lately. I appreciated his heart for and excitement about God’s people. Joshua seeks to help people realize unhealthy views of the church and understand God’s plan and purpose for His people. He definitely challenges the consumer mindset that many Christians have had in looking for a local body. Many will go to and from local churches based on very selfish and prideful attitudes. They don’t seek to serve, they seek to be served.

God has been challenging me in even greater ways to realize that we shouldn’t just “go to church” - we as Christ’s followers are the church. We don’t just take part in a Sunday event, we live as the church all week long. We don’t just worship one day a week, we are called to be “living sacrifices” all week long. We are constant worshippers of something or someone. I want that to be Christ above all else. I guess this might be where I disagreed with him some. He has a chapter called “rescuing Sunday”. He spends a lot of time talking about how to prepare for Sunday and get the most out of meeting together. Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely think there is something very significant to getting together on Sundays. This is a sweet time of celebration that is unlike any other time of the week. We get to enjoy and celebrate Christ together like we cannot do as a group every day. We get to spend special time in music and in the word together. These things should be a tremendous blessing and encouragement. However, I always find it odd when I read or hear someone calling people to prepare in a different way for Sunday than any other day of the week as a worshipper. For example, he (and I have heard others) says to not watch tv on Saturday nights. He also calls you to limit anything distracting on Sunday mornings. I understand to a certain extent what he is saying, but should we ever spend time watching something that we cannot worship God in and through? Why can’t we enjoy relaxation unto God on a Saturday night and still be prepared to enjoy gathering on Sunday together? I feel that whenever something is an idol to us - it needs to go - no matter what day of the week it is. If it’s not an idol and we truly enjoy it unto God - should there be a time we don’t do it? He had a few other thoughts along those lines that I’m not sure I would agree with, but I think I can understand his heart behind what he says.

Well, I’d be happy to hear any comments or criticism. I hope this didn’t sound too critical. I totally appreciate the ministry of Josh Harris and feel that this kind of book is great for anyone of any background to read. We need to be challenged in our view of the church, and I’m glad he is joining the battle!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learning my lesson

Sometimes it feels like God is trying to bonk me on the head with something, and it just takes a while to get it. Okay, maybe that happens more often than I would like to think. I realized today that the latest "bonk" was to remind me that the stuff we acquire in life is just that - stuff. It doesn't make us happy, it can't bring eternal satisfaction, we don't always need more...bigger...better, we can't take it with us. I know this should be obvious, but as I walked around the house yesterday beginning to de-clutter and consider packing all our worldly possessions I had a few moments of sadness (I think maybe I was a little emotional anyways - you know how girls can be sometimes). Rob and I have officially decided to get our house on the market. We are pursuing church planting in Tacoma WA alongside a ministry called Soma Communities. We are still totally willing for God to close the door if He so chooses, but for now - we are continuing to take steps this direction. I'm so excited about this move and yet am feeling so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done! Anyways, back to my sadness - I guess even though we bought our house realizing we would be moving out again in a few years, I guess I still got kind of attached. It is the first house we lived in together, we did a ton of work on it together, we found a ton of cute little flea market, yard sale, thrift store items to make it feel homey, we have laughed and played and cried and dreamed here together, we brought our sweet baby home here for the first time...obviously I could go on. I'm almost crying right now as I write this! It makes me pretty sad to think about closing the door for the last time and saying goodbye.

Even as I write this I realize that this is so temporal - so fleeting. Life is so much more than a building or the things we put in it. I have been reading 1 Peter and God is reminding me that I am a sojourner - so appropriate! I just read a blog post from someone else talking about all the things we like to accumulate in life. Even our realtor was talking about not letting possessions control you. Okay God - I think I'm getting it. Please help me to continually be excited and passionate to be wherever you want and gladly leave behind all that I truly do not need. Well - I think it will still take some time - but God is patient, and I'm so thankful.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Robbie!

Happy 29...
You're lookin' really fine...
I'm so glad you're mine...
thankful for God's design...
have nothing to opine...

Love you!

ps. sorry for the bad rhyme

(actually posted by Jules)

Monday, August 09, 2010

Ten Random Things

1 I love love love the colors of these fruits and veggies I found at the farmers market on Saturday. God makes such beautiful things. And we can even eat them!

2 So, since I bought figs and an eggplant, I need some recipes for these :) Any ideas???

3 I'm starting to get sad that summer is coming to an end...even though it stays warm around here for a while, my teaching schedule is always more busy in the fall.

4 I asked for advice on my side garden, took planting black-eyed susans, and now am morning the death of one and the possible death of the other. I guess it was just too warm for planting? I was a pretty good girl as far as watering went (which isn't always the case), but it wasn't enough. However, I'm very glad they are perennials. Perhaps they will be much happier in the spring when their little heads pop up.

5 Lately I have been loving making a "mexi" salad. We have really been working on our eating habits and trying to focus a little more on protein and veggies rather than carbs. It usually consists of spinach, black or pinto beans, chicken or beef, tomatoes, salsa, avocado or olives, and cheese. Sometimes I add a couple tortilla chips for crunch. It is sooooo good! Now that I'm looking at all the ingredients I wonder if I'm really accomplishing what I mean to :)

6 Rob's birthday is this Saturday. We love birthdays because we pretty much celebrate the whole month. Any time we want to do something it is our excuse. "It's your birthday month...we need to celebrate!!"

7 I'm feeling like my hair looks kind of damaged lately and am wondering if anyone has a great home treatment to revitalize hair.

8 I know I shouldn't make another comment about food, but our latest favorite is "bordeaux dark chocolate cherry" frozen yogurt. Usually I don't like fruity chocolate stuff - but this is really good. Maybe because we love dark chocolate so much (and it's really good for you...right?).

9 I constantly love to have my toenails painted, but not usually my finger nails. I think it's because my fingernails stay nice for about half a day and it drives me crazy to keep up with them.

10 One of Brynnie's favorite words right now is doggie - although it usually sounds like "goggie" or "gokie" - it is so cute because she gets so excited when sees a dog and says it over and over in her little high-pitched voice. It's also pretty funny when she's saying it referring to a cat or any other animal that remotely resembles a dog.

Well if you stuck with me, thanks for listening to my rambling. Let me know your thoughts or if you have something random to share - I'd be happy to hear it!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Looking for Direction

It's been a little over a year since Rob graduated from seminary, and we have been in the process of discerning the next step God has for us. Who knew it could take so long??? The Lord has really taught us a lot about waiting on His timing and learning to live for Him now where we are and not just waiting for the "next thing". There are two different churches that we are conversing with right now in regards to future ministry. One of them is in Tacoma, WA and we felt like we really needed to head out there to check things out. We had a fantastic time. We also dropped down for a few days to see our friends Steve and Sarah in Portland, OR. We loved our time out west. It is so beautiful. For Rob (who grew up in Alaska) it was almost like coming home. We are still praying for the Lord's direction and are excited to see what He will do. Here are a few memories...

Cannon Beach - Gorgeous!
Our favorite lunch spot in Manzanita - Bread and Ocean
I love that you can find fresh food everywhere!!! It's awesome.
I could have spent a fortune in the shops - loved these bags.
We love these guys - had a blast hanging out!
Especially loved seeing this little guy...could he be any cuter???

We would really like to see these two get married...Graeme seems okay with the idea, but Brynne still has her reservations.
Beautiful flowers - everywhere we went
Brynnie's latest smile - totally cracks us up

Cannon Beach

Multnomah Falls