Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thinking about Jesus...

Today is one of those days that made me pause and think.  This season can be one that causes us to run like crazy.  I had to take a break today because Brynne has one of those bugs floating around.  I caught myself feeling pretty frustrated this morning as I cancelled my plans for the day and started wiping a runny nose, making tea, and spooning out medicine.  I deserve better than this, right?  I should not have to work around my daughter's needs, right?

Thankfully, we are also reminded often at this time of year that Jesus humbled himself to become man.  He left the glories of heaven to walk with us.  He truly did deserve better.  Instead, he did not grasp at His reputation.  He laid aside His glory, and took a human form.  He submitted to death on a cross.  He did it for us.

The brokenness of our bodies, from runny noses to cancer, is a reminder that this life isn't "it".  Thank God!  Sometimes I feel like I cannot handle hearing about one more person who is suffering.  Yet this reminds us that Jesus' death and resurrection brings life.  This life is true life.  One day He will bring us to Himself, and the brokenness will be done.

Thank you for these reminders to my heart today, Jesus.

Ps.  Just in case you have not seen these girlies lately, they are pretty cute (and crazy).