Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My Little Princess and Sweet Number One

Well, it has happened.  Is it inevitable with little girls?  Brynne is fully obsessed with princess everything.  She wants to look like a princess, watch movies about princesses, hear stories about princesses...you name it.  I am working hard to help her know that she is our sweet girl, no matter what she wears.      

Little Miss Brooke is officially one.  She is a sweetie and has hit a very busy stage.  She has almost mastered walking and is everywhere.  She has also hit a "I really want mommy's attention all the time" stage.  I keep trying to remember how short this time is with her and not become frustrated about the "needyness".  I love seeing her big blue eyes taking in the world.  Everything is an adventure.

I love these girlies and thank God for them all the time.