Friday, October 22, 2010

Am I too visual?

I think I am. I haven't blogged in ages because I can't post pictures. I can't post pictures because I dropped our camera and it finally gave up the ghost. I'm sad to say that I am hopelessly clumsy. We actually had to start buying more plates, cups, bowls...etc because I have broken so many. Anyways, that's not the point. We have had a ton going on, but I feel like I shouldn't post without pictures. Well just this once, I guess I'll have to...
Life has been super exciting lately. Our sweet nephew Bryce arrived October 4th. He is the best baby ever and it has been so fun to enjoy a new little one in the family. My sister is doing really well with two and it's been fun to see Cade and Brynne love on their new friend. They both call him "Byce".
My mom was able to sneak a little trip in even though it's the middle of a crazy semester for her at Northland. That was wonderful, and she loved hanging with her grandkids.
I recently read Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick. I haven't done a full review yet because I'm actually sharing my findings in a Sunday School maybe later. However, I will say that it is incredible. God has really used it to teach me how to apply the gospel to my everyday life. I'm so thankful my friend Lorie recommended it to me!
Brynnie Brynne almost 16 months!!! I love her so much. She has been walking in bits and pieces for a little while, but has finally decided she really likes it and has taken off. I'm afraid I will never get her to sit still again. However, I'm so thankful we have gotten around to it and can be done with the frustrations of "butt scooting". She says so many words now, which I love. Communication is so fun! Our biggest battle right now is whining, which is a constant struggle. I'm learning patience in new ways! Lately, one of my favorite things is to pray with her at night and then see her smile and say "amen"...although it sounds like "a" (short a sound) - "men". Sometimes during a prayer she starts saying it - maybe it just gets a little too long :) Anyways, I am constantly grateful for the gift of our sweetie.
We are continuing to look at Tacoma WA. We have been asking the Lord for clarity in this decision, and I believe He is making His plan for us evident. We are excited, but nervous. We will keep you posted.
Wow - if you stuck with me, good for you! Hopefully, next time I will have some fun visual stimulation, but until then....happy reading!