Monday, December 27, 2010

The Unexpected

Well, the last few days didn’t exactly turn out the way we had imagined. With our parents flying in from Wisconsin, we decided it would be best to rent a beach house in Sandbridge for the week to accommodate 9 adults and 3 kiddos. We all moved in on Tuesday and had

a wonderful and relaxing time. We enjoyed our normal Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

celebrations. They could not have been better. Saturday night we

heard snow could be coming, but we went to bed

with rain coming down, and I thought it

would be like most snow storms around here. An inch or two...maybe we would miss church, but all would be well. When we woke up Sunday morning, I could hardly believe my eyes as I looked outside to see an actually snow storm. A storm that I have not seen since moving here five and a half years ago. Well, okay, we can just get cozy and hang out. No problem. Uh uh. At about 9:00 am, the power went out at the beach house. We all gathered in the living room, brought every blanket we could find, and found ways to amuse ourselves. We kept calling the rental company, and

they would say the power was supposed to be back on in a few hours. Well that kept being pushed back until we realized, we had to get out of there. The temp in the house was down to 59 degrees and even if the adults could make it through the night, we didn’t want the kids to freeze. We found out we could not head home because of road conditions and tunnel closures, about 5:00 pm we ate take out pizza (we were happy to find a place out on the corner still open!!). Then (by flashlight) we packed up whatever we absolutely needed and made the trek to the Davey’s house. My brother is engaged to Marla Davey and her family was sweet enough to put all of us up. We arrived - almost all of us unshowered - and crashed for the night. We were so thankful for their hospitality. It was a pretty incredible spectacle to wake up and see all the mounded snow the next morning. I don’t know for sure, but someone said that it’s the most snow this area has seen for 30 years. Crazy. Well, as I write this, we are at my sister’s house and on our way to getting back to routine. I know we have some serious shoveling to do before we make it into our place, but it will get done. Chalk it up to another eventful family vacation!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My sweet Cade
My Brynnie, almost 18 months
We are hanging out at a beach house in Sandbridge with our family,
and Brynne's favorite find so far has been a barrel of monkeys.
Nothing beats playing with Nana and Papa
Our newest addition - Mr. Bryce is the sweetest boy ever!
Every year one of my students gives me an amaryllis. It is so beautiful!
We had some very uncharacteristic snow for around here.
Brynne thought it was "icky" so we had to encourage her otherwise.

Best buds

We wish you all a merry Christmas! I am so thankful that God has
given us so many wonderful gifts to enjoy. He is so good.