Thursday, August 16, 2012 old favorite

I have had a few projects on my list since we moved in.  Our "new to us" table and chairs need some work.  We were so excited to find a large table with a leaf in it on the side of the road...for free!  Now I am hitting up pinterest for fun ideas.  

I need to work on something fun for my Brynne-sized table and chairs as well.  I love the idea of chalkboard paint for that one, but we will see.  

My first completed project is my jewelry case.  This one is special to me because it was a present from my dad when I graduated from high school.  I have always been a jewelry junkie, and I loved that he thought of this idea.  It was oak, and I really wanted to make it match our bedroom a little better.  I just love the end product!


Unknown said...

It looks SO good!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

Jules! It looks great!